Subscribe to our home made tiffin service on a weekly/monthly basis. This meal plan will allow your body to form a habit of consuming the right nutrition every day. We deliver every day in two slots: Lunch and Dinner (based on your selection)

Economy Meal
(₹89 Per Meal)

(With Papad & Salad)

1 Sabji  & 5 Roti Or 
Dal Rice Or
Kadhi Khichdi

Standard Meal
(₹100 Per Meal)

(With Papad & Salad)

1 Sabji (Veg Or kathod), 5 Roti,
Dal Rice Or
kadhi khichdi

Breakfast Meal

(Anyone from below)

Idli-Coconut Chutney/
Upma/poha/Poori Bhaji
Dhokla-green chutney/
Aloo Paratha-Dahi

Meal Plans